About the artist

Born on November 6, 1938, in the picturesque region of Romania called Bukovina, Dumitru Rusu’s childhood was imbued with artistic influences from the centuries old painted churches and monasteries for which Bukovina is known.

After graduating from the High School of Art in Iassy, followed by the Institute of Art in Cluj, he returns to the land of his childhood. Through his work he tries to capture the beauty and spiritual wealth of his region (people, historical monuments, folk architecture and customs).

Beginning with 1966, he has been ever present in exhibits in Romania and abroad. Around 16 exhibits in Suceava, Bukovina with graphics, oil paintings, orthodox icons on wood and glass, and metal embossing.

His work is in private and state collections in Romania as well as in private collections in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Canada, etc.

An art critic recently said of him “Dumitru Rusu is an artist who paints with his soul, leaving us at the same time paintings attesting to the marvelous beauty of the lands of Northern Moldavia - Bukovina

Coming into contact with the art of Dumitru Rusu is indeed a celebration, a unique moment for lovers of true art.

Images from Dumitru Rusu's private life



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