The "Time and Season in Bukovina" Series

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The "The Seasons in Bukovina" Watercolors Series

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The word Bukovina (Bucowina, Bucovina, Bukowina, Buchenland) is derived from "Land of Beech Trees" in German. An ethnic melange of Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, Jews, Russians and Gyspsies defined this region's complex cultural and historical ethos. With its northern part currently in the Ukraine and its southern part in Romania, this divided region is quintessentially Eastern European. Painted monasteries, quaint peasant folklore, a picturesque landscape and a spiritual connection to the land infuse its atmosphere.

A native and lifelong resident, sexagenarian painter Dumitru Rusu invites us to gaze upon the soul of this land through his series entitled "Time and Season in Bukovina". A flock of sheep gathering for a late meal, a few haystacks along the village lane, receding sunlight falling on a red ravine - authentic moments conveyed with compelling simplicity through his candid brush. The glimpses feel fresh and poignant, like childhood memories standing witness to a disappearing world.

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